Top pen & Stationery Industries, a sister concern of Ignite Consortium Limited, is the most widespread ball pen and various stationery item manufacturer in Bangladesh since 2007. Our’s well groom production line consists of a Disposable pen, Refillable ball pen, and various ball diameters ink and gel pen. Apart from that, a large production setup produces other stationery items like pencil, rubber, eraser, file, folder, writing khata, Notebook, and quality executive diaries. We added over one million SKU(stock keeping unit) production daily in our nationwide supply and distribution channel.

At present the company mounting the big business locally and internationally with the visionary patronizing of Mr. Arafat Faisal Sarker, Managing Director of the company. Our homegrown business now focusing abroad such as South Asia and South East Asia, also Africa. We are the bonafide vendor to some of the renowned MNCs and international buyers.

Our engineers and experts sourcing the top quality raw material from home and overseas. Especially high-quality product-specific moulds from Koria, China and India and Nib from Germany added trendy smooth shining product quality.Our onsight back to back production chain runs over thousands of workers with the guidance of hundreds of officials. A large marketing team operated the sales and marketing operations in every district of the country.


Managing Director

Mr. Arafat Faisal Sarker is the Managing Director of IGNITE CONSORTIUM LTD. He was born in October 2, 1989 in south-western prosperous city, Jashore of Bangladesh. As a student he was very brilliant and received higher education in Australia. After completion his study in Australia, he returned to Bangladesh in 2016. After his arrival, he began his business career with guidance of his father, Late Abul Kashem Sarker.

This business was established by his grandparent Late Abdul Gafur Sarker. As business was in his blood, he became indomitable to extend the family business. So to fulfill his father's dream, he established IGNITE CONSORTIUM LTD. At the same time some other business institutions like Hassan Book Depot, Ignite Publications, Janani Publications, Top Pen and Stationery, Balaka Press and Publications, New Blue Bird International are growing fast under his charismatic leadership. His great leadership quality and the use of modern technology have added a new dimension in this business.

This institution is playing a crucial role in spreading education in Bangladesh beside doing its business. Janani Publications and Ignite Publications are publishing supplementary books for the NCTB published textbooks. Top Pen and Industries' pens and other stationery items have now reached far and wide in Bangladesh.

At the same time, these institutions have created huge number of employment opportunities. Thousands of officers and workers are working there. The sister concerns of IGNITE CONSORTIUM LTD are playing a great role in the economic development of Bangladesh.



An unforgettable name in the history of book business in Bangladesh is the Chairman of 'Hassan Book Depot', philanthropist late Abul Kashem Sarkar. He was born in 1960 in Jashore District. In addition to his undergraduate studies, he started his career at Hassan Book Depot, a business established by his father, the late Abdul Gafur Sarkar. Completing his Honours, he took the helm of the family and expenses as a result of his father's death. Under his skilled management, the company continued to prosper and the dimension of its business continued to grow.

Following this, he got involved in NCTB's text book printing in the open tender in 1990. Hassan Book Depot started its publishing in Dhaka in 2002. The business activities of Hassan Book Depot spread all over the country from a small bookshop in Jashore. Later he founded Balaka Press, Top Pen and Stationery Industries, etc. Under his dynamic leadership, Balaka Press became one of the country's leading printing presses. A large part of the printing work of textbooks is being done through Balaka Press every year for the students all over Bangladesh. Thousands of people have been employed. Year after year, he has been elected as the top taxpayer in the Khulna region by the National Board of Revenue. He has spent most of his life in establishing a welfare and merit based society. By the will of Great Creator, the late Abul Kashem Sarkar passed away on the last Friday night of the holy month of Ramadan on June 8, 2018 in the state of Ozu for the purpose of Tahajjud prayers. May Allah, the Great Creator make him a dweller of Paradise / Jannat. Amin!